Coalition for the Terminally-Ill, Disabled & Elderly

Life for the terminally ill, disabled and elderly has become harrowing in America.
Human beings who have been diagnosed with terminal illness, the disabled and the elderly hold a unique and important position in society. They, by virtue of their perspective alone present a virtuous and authentic view of life and society.

The elderly, the disabled and the terminally ill are visionaries who ground society. This wisdom which the terminally-ill, disabled and elderly hold is a vital commodity which society must value. This wisdom can only emerge from those who have lived long lives or from a life punctuated by a deep and personal knowing that our breath is finite, and that the worth of our society is determined by the sum of our actions, our values and our beliefs.

The elderly, the Infirm and disabled know more than any other part of society that each life truly matters and that what you do in life matters. How you love makes an enormous difference. How we live our life makes a difference to our whole society, and how we treat our fellow human being marks our society for eternity.

We are all written into the book of life and whole chapters cannot be skipped without losing meaning of the book. Society as been devaluing these human beings. The terminally ill, the disabled and the elderly hold intrinsic value and if our society cannot honor and respect the value of this most precious part of society, we have failed utterly in protecting the virtues which make us human.


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February 1, 2021

32% Mortality Risk of Social Isolation


SOCIAL ISOLATION RISKS Coalition for the Terminally Ill Disabled & Elderly By Heather v. Wolf The UK and several US States are planning an isolation event. For over 20 years the scientific community has known that social Isolation...


This organization is a non partisan Political Action Committee and patient advocacy group working to ensure the ethical treatment of the Terminally Ill, Disabled and Elderly.

Our lobbyists work with elected officials of all political parties in order to promote bipartisan provisions protecting the ADA and HIPPA and other regulations to provide equal access to quality healthcare irregardless of age, disease or socioeconomic status.

Advocating for human rights requires we work with all political parties to help develop legislation which serves to protect human life.

This organization seeks to overturn harmful regulations while promoting new legislation which protects patient access to palliative care, comfort care, and treatments for the elderly, disabled and chronically ill.

Harmful provisions often become law because they reside within large omnibus bills with thousands of pages or packaged into unrelated bills to “sweeten” the bill for passage. Our aim is to specifically carve out provisions which harm human health and support provisions which protect it at both local state and national levels.

Volunteers can help us by signing and sharing petitions and making phone calls to lawmakers when a bill reaches debate or when a proposed rule making change seeks comments in the federal register. Our work is timely and extremely important.

This organization is run by the chronically ill disabled and elderly and therefore we have strong moral ethical and legal standing to advocate for our human rights.

Please watch for ACTION ALERTS, Sign Petitions, Make calls and write letters to the editor or chair a focus group.

With Love and Light to all,

Heather Wolf, Chair TIDE Coalition 

See exactly how we accomplish our goals.

Step 1: Read and Share Petitions

We are petitioning congress, the president, the UN and the WHO and the medical industries to reconsider the cost cutting measures which are imperilling lives and exacting excruciating harm to more than 125 million Americans to save a few bucks.

Step 2: Team Assembly

We need volunteers to start local chapters in your hometown to create local special committees for the terminally ill, disabled, and elderly.

Step 3: Follow-Through

Let’s all come together to change laws and ultimately change the world! Equity is the future and we all have the power to make it happen.

Contact Us

Use this form, e-mail hello @ tidecoalition . com,
or reach us toll-free by call or text at 1-800-429-0571