Life for the terminally ill, disabled and elderly has become harrowing in America.

The least well off in society are being denied critical healthcare services and lifesaving medicines and procedures because they are expensive problems for public health care coffures and insurance companies.

CTIDE: Coalition for the Terminally-Ill, Disabled & Elderly.

Human beings who have been diagnosed with terminal illness, the disabled and the elderly hold a unique and important position in society. They, by virtue of their perspective alone present a virtuous and authentic view of life and society. The elderly, the disabled and the terminally ill are visionaries who ground society. This wisdom which the terminally ill, disabled and elderly hold is a vital commodity which society must value. This wisdom can only emerge from those who have lived long lives or from a life punctuated by a deep and personal knowing that our breath is finite, and that the worth of our society is determined by the sum of our actions, our values and our beliefs. The elderly, the Infirm and disabled know more than any other part of society that each life truly matters and that what you do in life matters. How you love makes an enormous difference. How we live our life makes a difference to our whole society, and how we treat our fellow human being marks our society for eternity. We are all written into the book of life and whole chapters cannot be skipped without losing meaning of the book. Society as been devaluing these human beings. The terminally ill, the disabled and the elderly hold intrinsic value and if our society cannot honor and respect the value of this most precious part of society, we have failed utterly in protecting the virtues which make us human.

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Terminally Ill, Disabled, Elderly in America

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  • Step 1: Read and Share Petitions

    We are petitioning congress, the president, the UN and the WHO and the medical industries to reconsider the cost cutting measures which are imperilling lives and exacting excruciating harm to more than 125 million Americans to save a few bucks.

  • Step 2: Team Assembly

    We need volunteers to start local chapters in your hometown to create local special committees for the terminally ill, disabled, and elderly.

  • Step 3: Follow Through

    Let's all come together to change laws and ultimately change the world! Equity is the future and we all have the power to make it happen.

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