FDA RECALL NEEDED: Ibuprofen and all ACE2 Inhibiting Pain relievers during SARS-COV2 Epidemic




Heather Wolf, TIDE Coalition



March 26, 2020

Scientists around the world are currently studying the relationship between systemic anti-inflammatory medicines which produce ACE2 molecules and the progression and worsening of symptoms from Covid 19 into SARS and Acute respiratory failure in healthy individuals. [1,2,3,4]

Several peer-reviewed studies, lab experiments, comparative studies and post mortem exams show a strong correlation between the use of certain NSAIDS and other ACE2 modulating drugs or supplemental steroids with morbidity from SARS-COV2 in people without preexisting conditions. [1,2,3,5]

Scientists working with the virus and core biopsies of deceased individuals urged the World Health Organization(WHO) to issue a warning against ibuprofen(Advil) use during Covid outbreak. [1,2,3, 5]

Health authorities around the world are taking preemptive action to safeguard human life by urging their populations to stop taking over the counter Ibuprofen. [1,2,3,4,5,6]


Reports began circulating in Europe and the United States of young people dying of Acute Respiratory Failure after Coronavirus infection. IBuprophen(Advil)- based over the counter cold medicine  was the common link. [5]

Studies reviewing post-mortem exams, puncture probes of liver, lung and GI tract and core tissue biopsies of lung, kidney and epithelial tissues of otherwise healthy deceased individuals showed evidence of ibuprofen or its analogues and metabolites in the lung Kidney and digestive tissues and a proliferation of ACE2 Enzymes. [1,2,3,4,5]


Scientists working in labs with Covid-19 virus notified public health officials immediately for expert review of ACE2 Inhibitors role in worsening the impacts of the virus.

The chief pathway for the virus to enter, replicate and then kill the cells of the lung, liver, bile ducts and kidneys was ACE2 enzyme. 

Ibuprofen and other NSAIDS including Diclofenac were already under scrutiny due to their problematic cardiovascular profile of tripling stroke and heart attack risk in healthy people. 

A landmark 2017 European study discovered that Nsaids tripled risk of stroke, heart attack and sudden death in healthy people. This study resulted in the FDA publishing black box warnings on all NSAIDS based on that study.[6,8,9] 

A 2017 NIH study illustrates the adverse impacts of NSAIDS and Sars1. [6,7]

Researchers in a lab combined the Sars Cov2 virus with ibuprofen and discovered ibuprofen accelerates reproduction of the virus using the ACE2 pathway. 

Scientists found that Sars-COV2 binds to target cells via the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE 2) which are expressed by epithelial cells in the lungs, intestines, kidneys and blood vessels. These ACE2 enzymes act like food for the virus. [4,5,11]

This study explains the acceleration of tissue necrosis in otherwise healthy individuals due to the OTC drugs impact on ACE2 enzyme production. [1,4,5]


ACE2 increasing NSAIDS increase viral destruction of lungs, intestines, kidneys and blood vessels. [1,7]

Public health officials are urged to place warnings on this drug class. 


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This NIH study shows the role of NSAIDS in Boosting Enzyme Activity In Sars cases. This was published in 2005. Coronavirus is known to the scientific community as Sars Cov 2, a more virulent form of the original Sars virus.




  1. Wow ! Their needs to be some kind of warning . If the goverment or WHO cant put up a warning about these meds then the companies that make these drugs ibuprofen and blood pressure meds, and the steroids, needs to post a warning !!
    Their is millions of pts with debilitating pain right now. Chronic pain pts being forced to use these meds ibuprofen as their only source of pain relief right now . Even though it doesnt effectively treat their pain . These pts have no option, because their opioid pain meds were abruptly taken away when 2016 guidelines came out. I believe they are refusing to allow any warnings the companies who manufacture these meds, because they will lose huge profits. If millions of chronic pain pts and veterans , who are only given ibuprofen for chronic intractable pain (denied any opioids) so they have no choice or suffer that’s a huge profit loss . Also the elderly that take these meds for arthitic pain and BP meds . Also a huge profit loss . Who is the political committees fighting the warnings who gave a warning to the WHO to take their warnings down, for people to stop using these meds . (Lobbyists I presume because they know many pain pts forced to take these meds for their pain that would cost them alot of money if they all stop taking the med . Same committee for lobbyist I’m sure who lobby for the legislation against opioids, so that pts only have ibuprofen as an option for pain ) again that would be a huge amount of money lost , loss of profits. But this is about FREAKIN SAFETY ISSUE . The FDA needs to put out a warning RIGHT NOW about ibuprofen and blood pressure meds as well as the steroids . many elderly , are already at risk , then add in these meds and they are greatly at risk. Also people age 40 to 60 taking blood pressure meds . These people who normally may do ok and not die or get real sick when contracting the virus, if using these meds may now actually become sicker and not make it through it but die . The FDA ,CDC needs to override the med companies and put out a warning or demand the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these meds to do it themselves!!! I saw where steroids can also increase risk. These are used quite often. Given to pain through injections, as well as those who has the virus to decrease the inflammation in the lungs. Their documenting proof and overwhelming evidence . The goverment are going after pharmaceutical companies that make opioids because they say the med addicts and kills (even though it’s not their fault addicts dont take as directed , and obtain these meds illegally and use to self medicate. for mental health issues and substance abuse issues . The DEA and goverment have no problem going after these manufacturers yet going to back down from the manufacturer s of ibuprofen,BP MEDS and steroids when they can and are possibly killing a hell of a lot more people. Who most likely are healthy, or who are pain pts , elderly , young men or woman who if they were aware could stop these drugs. They may have a better chance of fighting this illness. Many of these pts are vulnerable and may die from these meds. Especially the ibuprofen. PLEASE LISTEN to these scientist . Dont let more pts suffer or become sicker and die from respiratory failure and liver or kidney damage, due to the virus and them taking these meds .

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