The Undersigned petition the Department of Justice and congressional budget office, rules committee and Federal Bureau of Investigations and each congressmen and senator to launch a wide scale investigation into the CDC and FDA over their relationships and conduct during and leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We the undersigned urge review of the FDA, CDC and the unethical financial relationship with the pharmaceutical companies these consumer health agencies are tasked to oversight.

We urge a thorough investigation into the CDC accepting money from any entity other than US Taxpayer.

Please investigate payments to the CDC via CDC Foundation and in particular from foreign governments including the Chinese governments Wuhan Lab via the CDC Foundation and the funding of US NIH associated studies there on gain of function Bat Human Coronavirus.

The US Justice Department needs to investigate why the consumer protection agencies the FDA and the CDC are accepting financial incentives from the pharmaceutical companies through the CDC Foundation and the fee structure at the FDA.

Additionally the US Justice department needs to investigate why these health agencies have knowingly withheld known effective care protocols to Americans who are infected with Coronavirus and isolated in their home.

The alarming lack of quality healthcare information disseminated on behalf of both the FDA and CDC has resulted in a human rights catastrophe.

Quality peer- reviewed science exists to help individuals boost their immune system during this airborne contagious disease outbreak yet the FDA and CDC are not sharing this data with consumers!

Studies exist utilizing vitamin supplements, identifying certain foods and cheap generic anti-parasitics which would greatly lessen the virulent nature of the disease

Why has the FDA and CDC ignored the science?

Why have they ignored the fact that Americans are likely suffering zinc, B, vitamin D deficiency which greatly worsens outcomes?

Either these health authorities are grossly negligent or they have been corrupted by their financial incentives.

Withholding medicines and treatments is a crime against humanity.

A large body of science exists which the CDC and FDA has knowingly withheld from the American people which will have saved lives and prevented hospitalizations.

The FDA and CDC have failed to provide the American people with strategies to support the immune system during the pandemic and have instead pushed an experimental immunotherapy which has killed more than 12,000 by august 2021.

The American people are now taking part in the largest experimental study in the nations history where there are no third party peer reviewed longitudinal studies to support longterm safety or efficacy.

These agencies and officials in positions of power are also openly coercing the public to take part in this experimental study rather than promoting biologics with robust and proven profiles of side effects and safety.

Some health officials and governors are unethically implementing overt coercion, cash incentives and decentives in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and HIPAA law.

The inspector General needs to investigate how the CDC and FDA are profiting off of these immunotherapy vaccines with no longitudinal studies.

There are no double blind placebo controlled studies of children age 12 years old and yet the CDC is now urging children under 12 years old to take the vaccine in the absence of any science showing safety.

Girls and women of childbearing age are taking this vaccine which crosses placental barriers according to the science on lipid nanoparticles.

Where are the Risk v Benefit studies?

Where are the Risk Assessments if these vaccines turn into the next Thalidomide DES or VIOXX disaster?

The CDC and FDA are urging the American public to experiment on their own bodies without any rigorous longitudinal independant peer reviewed studies showing this is safe. These government bodies no longer feel the American public is their client. Both government agencies feel the pharmaceutical companies are their client. The consumer is left with no agency to protect their interest:

The US Justice department needs to review this unethical relationship between the FDA and CDC and the pharmaceutical industry. These agencies were founded to be controlled financially through congressionally approved taxpayer dollars. Now these agencies are being funded by drug companies and through foreign governments directly with little oversight.

Additionally the US Justice department must review the history of the NIH and in particular Dr Fauci’s approval of sending NIH dollars to agents contracted with the Wuhan Lab in China and their gain of function mutations and research there from 2013-2019.

This message has been shared with every US congressmen, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Department of Health’s Inspector General Office and the White House and news organizations.

This petition is sponsored on behalf of the Coalition for the Terminally Ill Disabled and Elderly and the undersigned,


FDA is incentivized to approve drugs to procure funding for its own operations vs support distribution if cheap effective generic drugs

The CDC taking funding from the CDC Foundation is an illegal and unethical way to sidestep congressional control over the CDC.

All funding for a consumer health agency must be through congress where controls exist on research and advocacy efforts. Due to this monetary relationship the CDC feels its client is whomever pays the most.

NIH funded unethical gain of function mutation research outside of the United States.

National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under Dr Fauci approved $7.4 million to the Wuhan laboratory, which was studying bats with human coronavirus.

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32% Mortality Risk of Social Isolation


Coalition for the Terminally Ill Disabled & Elderly

By Heather v. Wolf

The UK and several US States are planning an isolation event.

For over 20 years the scientific community has known that social Isolation carries a 32% mortality risk for human beings. [1,2,3,5,6]

What is the mortality rate of Covid in the absolute worst case scenario?

The WHO FDA and CDC have yet to produce a simple risk analysis nor a risk vs gain comparison on employing social isolation (lockdown) as a strategy to contain a coronavirus vs. other less economically and harmful to human health.

#socialisolation #covid_19 #kneejerkregulations

#32vs2  #IsolationRisks #CovidRiskanalysis #covidpreventionstrategies #CDC #FDA #USCongress


1) True Cost of isolation

2.) Psychology today NIH study

3.) Death rates

4.) World Health Organization

5.) Risk of Isolation

6.) PNAS

7.) ADA Law Addresses Social Isolation

8.) How we measure impacts of Isolation

9.) This NIH Study shows asymptomatic carriers are not contagious.

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FDA RECALL NEEDED: Ibuprofen and all ACE2 Inhibiting Pain relievers during SARS-COV2 Epidemic




Heather Wolf, TIDE Coalition


March 26, 2020

Scientists around the world are currently studying the relationship between systemic anti-inflammatory medicines which produce ACE2 molecules and the progression and worsening of symptoms from Covid 19 into SARS and Acute respiratory failure in healthy individuals. [1,2,3,4]

Several peer-reviewed studies, lab experiments, comparative studies and post mortem exams show a strong correlation between the use of certain NSAIDS and other ACE2 modulating drugs or supplemental steroids with morbidity from SARS-COV2 in people without preexisting conditions. [1,2,3,5]

Scientists working with the virus and core biopsies of deceased individuals urged the World Health Organization(WHO) to issue a warning against ibuprofen(Advil) use during Covid outbreak. [1,2,3, 5]

Health authorities around the world are taking preemptive action to safeguard human life by urging their populations to stop taking over the counter Ibuprofen. [1,2,3,4,5,6]


Reports began circulating in Europe and the United States of young people dying of Acute Respiratory Failure after Coronavirus infection. IBuprophen(Advil)- based over the counter cold medicine  was the common link. [5]

Studies reviewing post-mortem exams, puncture probes of liver, lung and GI tract and core tissue biopsies of lung, kidney and epithelial tissues of otherwise healthy deceased individuals showed evidence of ibuprofen or its analogues and metabolites in the lung Kidney and digestive tissues and a proliferation of ACE2 Enzymes. [1,2,3,4,5]


Scientists working in labs with Covid-19 virus notified public health officials immediately for expert review of ACE2 Inhibitors role in worsening the impacts of the virus.

The chief pathway for the virus to enter, replicate and then kill the cells of the lung, liver, bile ducts and kidneys was ACE2 enzyme. 

Ibuprofen and other NSAIDS including Diclofenac were already under scrutiny due to their problematic cardiovascular profile of tripling stroke and heart attack risk in healthy people. 

A landmark 2017 European study discovered that Nsaids tripled risk of stroke, heart attack and sudden death in healthy people. This study resulted in the FDA publishing black box warnings on all NSAIDS based on that study.[6,8,9] 

A 2017 NIH study illustrates the adverse impacts of NSAIDS and Sars1. [6,7]

Researchers in a lab combined the Sars Cov2 virus with ibuprofen and discovered ibuprofen accelerates reproduction of the virus using the ACE2 pathway. 

Scientists found that Sars-COV2 binds to target cells via the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE 2) which are expressed by epithelial cells in the lungs, intestines, kidneys and blood vessels. These ACE2 enzymes act like food for the virus. [4,5,11]

This study explains the acceleration of tissue necrosis in otherwise healthy individuals due to the OTC drugs impact on ACE2 enzyme production. [1,4,5]


ACE2 increasing NSAIDS increase viral destruction of lungs, intestines, kidneys and blood vessels. [1,7]

Public health officials are urged to place warnings on this drug class. 


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(ACE2) as a SARS-CoV-2 receptor: molecular

mechanisms and potential therapeutic target.

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10.) National Institutes of Heath NIH. Center for research on Coronavirus 2019 (Sars Cov2)

11.) Harvard Lancet. Are patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus at increased risk for COVID-19 infection? March 11, 2020


This NIH study shows the role of NSAIDS in Boosting Enzyme Activity In Sars cases. This was published in 2005. Coronavirus is known to the scientific community as Sars Cov 2, a more virulent form of the original Sars virus.